b. 1971

The funkiest trumpeter in Finland! A long-time member of the UMO Jazz Orchestra, Tero Saarti belongs to the small number of trumpeters who can make jazz alive and kicking without an artificial technical performance. Saarti’s trumpet and flugelhorn simply groove. Saarti has been spotted playing in hot club gigs with, among others, the jazz-funk band Groove Connection. The mystical wind instrumentalist T-Roy from the exhilarating funk combo, Eternal Erection, also resembles him closely…

Saarti joined UMO in 1993, just in time to take part in the tour of UMO and Natalie Cole a year later. Another significant tour was that of UMO and Manhattan Transfer in 1996. Like many other UMO musicians, Saarti studied, first, at Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory and, later, at Sibelius Academy. He has enough depth and compassion to interpret “more serious” music in addition to club music. Good examples of this are him taking part in the Nordic “a Tribute to Lars Gullin” tour and performing on Kari Ikonen’s album, “Karikko” (Fiasko 2001) as well as on UMO’s 2005 album, “Sauna palaa!”

Some of Saarti’s later merits include taking part, in 2005, in the theatre production “Ain’t Misbehavin” and in the 10th anniversary tour of a popular Finnish singer, Jari Sillanpää. In 2006 Saarti participated in the Finnish Jazz Federation’s tour in the line-up of Jukka Perkon Viisikko. Saarti’s new projects include bands like Riku Niemi Orchestra, Jussi Fredriksson Busy Turtles,  Antti Rissanen Jukebox Band, Sofia Finnilä and Espoo Big Band.



2004 — Starts as a teacher at Kuopio Conservatory.
2003 — Teacher at the University of Oulu.
2000 — Begins teaching at Sibelius Academy’s Jazz Music Department.
1999 — Starts as a visiting teacher at Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory.
1993–2003  — Studies at Sibelius Academy. Graduates with masters in jazz music.
1993 — Joins UMO.
1990–1993 — Studies at Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory.
1983–1990 — A student at Kuopio Conservatory.

Most recent recordings:

2010 — Beauty and the Beast  —  UMO plays the music of Pekka Pohjola, UMOCD110
2009 — Jussi Fredriksson: Busy Turtles
2009 — Eternal Erection: Angels and Bandits
2009 — UMO on UMO, UMOCD109
2008 — Sofia Finnilä: Everything I Love
2008 — Kerkko Koskinen & UMO: Agatha, RTCD06
2005 — UMO: Sauna palaa! UMOCD 107
2005 — Eternal Erection: On Top, Eat This Music
2003 — Markus Ketola feat. UMO: Jatkumo, Lake End LECD-2
2002 — Groove Convention: Butter, Texicalli TEXCD 046
2001 — Kari Ikonen: Karikko, Fiasko Records FRCD-7
2001 — Ira Kaspi TownBeat: Inner Voices, Texicalli TEXCD 4000